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Boston's Own Pretty Late Are "Better Late Than Never" On Debut Album

Boston based indie soul rock outfit Pretty Late are making a mark on listeners with their debut release that came out earlier this year titled "Better Late Than Never". The effort is a deep, intricate affair with the band's blossoming rhythms and thoughtful musical precision making its mark on listeners right from the get go. What this band does so well is they have a organic musical chemistry where they start off bouncing musical ideas, and changing them on the fly as they go along. That's what makes this band so unique is their ever changing ability to adapt and evolve, and find ways to make the songs resonate strongly with the listener as well. It's amazing that I've been sleeping on this effort for so long, but I'm so happy I unearthed it and found out what makes this group so inviting and intriguing. The indie rock splashed with a soulful twist makes this one effort you'll be coming back to, and Pretty Late will be making repeat appearances on your radar multiple times over for sure.

You can check out "Better Late Than Never" on all major streaming carriers and for more on Pretty Late, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and please follow them on Instagram at this spot here so that you can stay up to speed on all their local shows coming to your area relatively soon.

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