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Boston's Own Ryan Jordan Is A "Hungry Animal" on New Single Out Today

Photo Credit: 41st Casanova Productions

Boston based Ryan Jordan has unleashed his synth heavy, 80's throwback tune today called "Hungry Animal". It's the first single off his forthcoming solo album "Sleepwalker" that will be out on July 10th. The song has that aforementioned 80's vibe, complete with keys and synth heavy harmonies that reel you in and make you feel that vibe from yesteryear right from the start. You may remember Ryan from his prior band Drunken Logic, whom were featured here on the site before. This song seeks to separate him from that and become an individual musician who is more than capable of holding his own and captivating an audience who have migrated from his old band to watch his talents evolve and unfold right before them. A bombastic and vivacious tune that will definitely be omnipresent at all your outdoor gatherings this summer.

To check out "Hungry Animal for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp here and on all major streaming platforms as well. For more on Ryan Jordan, give him a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, follow him on Twitter over here, and see his pics on Instagram conveniently located right here.

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