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Haverhill's Own Henry McIntyre Prepping For 8/12 Mid East Upstairs Show

Haverhill, MA's own Henry McIntyre is gearing up for a big show happening a week from tomorrow 8/12, when he graces the stage at The Mid East Upstairs in Cambridge alongside Brian DeStoop and The Old Haunts, plus Left of Love. If you're not familiar with Henry's sound already, you're seriously missing out. Henry's sound is derived from his influences and is an amalgamation of Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes with Henry's own unique identifier and musical fingerprint stamped all the way throughout. I fell in love with his sound completely upon first hearing him a couple of years back when he released his full length debut "Box on The Ear" that established his identity as a solo artist and a musician finding his voice with an immense amount of wisdom and musical knowledge. Henry has made a name of himself for years, cutting his teeth with the band Black Diamonds in which he holds a dubious distinction of holding a Guinness World Record for being a member of the youngest professional rock band at 11 years of age. What really sets Henry apart and makes him stand out is his exquisite backing band, which consists of Tyler Legare on drums along with Wolfgang Burger on bass that really allows the music to burst to life, and you'll be there to witness the sheer beauty and musical kinship for yourself.

Doors for next Thursday's show open at 8pm. Show is 18+ and tickets are $12, along with proof of vaccination required to gain admittance.

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