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Haverhill’s Own Henry Merit Is Living “Life The Way I Want It” on New EP Out Next Fri. 4/12 w/ Release Show in Merrimac

Haverhill, MA based singer-songwriter Henry Merit is back with his brand new EP out to the masses next Fri. 4/12 titled “Life The Way I Want It”. You may remember him under the name Henry McIntyre, but he decided to switch to his first and middle name, and that has ushered in a renaissance in sorts for Henry in all facets of his life. Almost 2 years ago, Henry embarked on a road trip that took him to Texas and California where he drew in inspiration for this EP, and what has resulted from those sessions is one of the most brilliant and cohesive pieces of art that I’ve listened to in quite some time. The lyricism and production is exquisite, and you can tell how much he’s grown and the explosion of his musical wisdom is quite apparent from the first single “Adults” out right now, which is a melodic thunderbolt with Elliott Smith styled lyricism and and an unwavering sense of sentimentality and feelings of a hopeless romantic that has permeated his psyche. I’m lucky and fortunate enough to be best friends with him, and he’s been a huge inspiration to me and judging from what I heard so far, this will be an effort that you will hold near and dear to your heart for quite some time.

Also happening next Friday is a release show celebrating the unveiling of the EP in Merrimac, MA. It will be held from 6:30pm-8:30pm at 5 East Main Street over in the rear lot. There will be refeshments provided, so bring your lounge chairs and usher in a new era rain or shine. For more info on Henry Merit, give him a ‘Like’ on Facebook located over here, follow his travels on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit his brand new website over here for more in depth info on him, including future shows coming to your area soon.

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