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Kansas City Based Heads or Heads Is "Climbing Up" on New Single

Kansas City, MO based experimental pop artist Heads or Heads is giving listeners some enjoyment with all the cooped up energy they have with his brand new single that came out just last week titled "Climbing Up". The song is aimed at giving listeners something to look forward as they spend agonizing torture being forced to work from home, enforce social distancing to keep them away from those that they love and care about, and wonder if life will ever get back to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic is over. The song does have gleaming optimism that things will be alright in the long run, and has some vivacious rhythms and sun soaked vibes to keep listeners giving them something to look forward to as warmer weather is located somewhere around the bend. A very talented artist that definitely provides for some comfort during these eerie and awkward times.

To check out "Climbing Up" for yourself, it's available to stream on Bandcamp here and on all major streaming carriers as well. For more on Heads or Heads, give him a "Like' on Facebook located over here, follow him on Twitter right here, and see his Instagram feed at this spot here.

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