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London Indie Fourpiece Flashfires Release Brand New Single "Circus Boy"

Coming in hot across the pond from London, indie foursome Flashfires have unleashed their brand new single onto the world titled "Circus Boy". The song is an upbeat, vivacious rocker with melodic outbursts at every angle to keep your attention span locked on the boys all the way throughout. The group consists of Alex Gonzato on lead vocals, Fraser Roskilly on guitar, Toby Bartlett on drums, and Jon Cullis on guitar. I was swooning for these lads right from the get go, and it's apparent right from the outset that they have something special with their energy flowing seamlessly throughout their music, and their ridiculous good looks too definitely have alot to do with their success that will definitely take them far behind the confines of the U.K. A marvelously talented act that is worthy of exploring for the first time.

To check out "Circus Boy" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming platforms and for more on Flashfires, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this perch here, follow them on Twitter right here, see their gorgeous faces on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website located over here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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