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Lowell, MA Based The Shirts and Shoes Come Roaring Back on New EP “Episodes"

From the streets of Lowell, MA comes the punk infused sounds of The Shirts and Shoes, who make their eagerly and long-awaited return with their brand new EP out today called “Episodes”. The 5 song collection welcomes back the youngsters at heart who constantly keeps things fresh, inviting, and musically cohesive for the listeners who always find a way to come back in droves each and every time. I’ve featured the guys on the site and interviewed them on my podcast a couple of years back, and I’ve found that they’re a band who never take themselves too seriously, and are wholesome, talented human beings who always push each other to do their best when it comes to recording music and performing live. Frontman Emiliano Calvo does a great job of evoking his essence with his pristine vocals and swooning good looks, drummer Eric Gonnam’s vivacious drum rhythms behind the kit hit that desired sweet spot, bassist Alec Gervais injects a sense of rhythm and good natured fun every time, and guitarist Tiler Sharin steers the guitar licks in and out of each crevice. The effort is a well-balanced, nuanced collection that you will definitely find a soft spot in your heart for.

You can check out “Episodes” now streaming on the music provider of your choice, and for more on The Shirts and Shoes give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook over here, check out their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and check out their official website at this perch here for all the latest up to date info on the fellas, including upcoming shows dropping by your town.

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