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Lynn, MA's own Pregame Rituals Gearing For 11/24 Album Release Show @ Deep Cuts in Medford

From Lynn the city of sin comes the frolicking good sounds of Pregame Rituals, who will be having their album release show this Fri. 11/24 at Deep Cuts in Medford, the day after Thanksgiving. Their debut album is called "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You" that came out last month, and it showscases the fruits of their labor that they have worked hard on over the last couple of years to finally bring to light to their audience. Their music is a cross between energetic indie and alternative that hits at that sweet spot to give something for everyone, and make sure that each audience member has an emotional connection to the song in some way that ellicits a postiive response. I happen to be very good friends with lead singer and guitarist Georgio Broufas, whom I know going back to the Western Education days and is a brilliant musician who has a tremendous work ethic and is immensely talented in bring his musical ideas to living colour. So while you're still digesting those turkey leftovers and getting some Black Friday shopping in, consider stopping by Deep Cuts and have these tremendously talented gents entertain you with their musicality.

For more info on Friday's show and to buy tickets, click on this link right here. You can also listen to "Noting's Gonna Hurt You" right now on the music streaming provider of your choice and for more info on Pregame Rituals, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow the boys on Twitter right here, and see their pics on Instagram at this spot here along with all the latest up to date info on the band.

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