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Boston's Own Baxter Hall Is "Somewhere In My Guitar" on Debut LP Out Today

Based out of Boston comes the brilliant sounds of Baxter Hall, who has released his debut album to the world today titled "Somewhere In My Guitar". The album is a mixture of high energy, melodic tracks and low key, barn burner tracks that make you yearn to be close with your loved one in scary times like these. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Baxter for my podcast last May, and I was immediately blown away by his candor and brilliant guitar skills that blast through in living color as soon as you begin listening to the album. Produced by Duke Robillard, the album is a cohesive, musically diverse album led off by the lead single "Bella" which came out last week, and traverses throughout to explore different facets of Baxter's musical personality which are equal parts beautiful and poetic, and explores Baxter's diverse musical influences which run the gamut from blues all the way to traditional pop. I was blown away by Baxter's talents, and it was an honor to be in his presence and am even more impressed now with the musical genius and beautiful soul he is that comes across both in song and in real life. An incredible debut effort that will resonate strongly with you for quite some time.

To check out "Somewhere in My Guitar" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Baxter Hall, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located right over here, see his pics on Instagram at this junction here, and please visit his official website here for more info about his world.

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