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NYC Indie Rockers State Street Have Landed With Their Debut Single "Ocean Blonde"

From the Big Apple in NYC comes the debut single from State Street, whom have created a surefire future warm weather hit with their first song out today called "Ocean Blonde". The band features Matt Wikstrom on guitar, Bobby Gioiosa on lead vocals, and Stephen Dorris on drums. You may remember Matt and Bobby from their previous band, the pop-punk leaning Start The Week Over. With this new band, they take some elements from their old band, but add a little indie-rock flare and transposing all of the musical influences from everyone in the band to create a musical portrait of where everyone is at at each stage of their lives. I've been lucky and fortunate enough to be friends with Matt for a few years now through the bands we've worked together on, and through our mutual love for NU hockey as well. I'm truly mesmerized at this new band and how it captures the imagination of everyone involved, and has a hopeful and reflective message for listeners that will resonate with them long after the song has ended. A truly rich and dynamic song that has the potential to be the future song of the summer once the warmth arrives.

You can check out "Ocean Blonde" now streaming on all major music services and for more on State Street, see their pics and band updates on Instagram at this locale here and visit their YouTube channel directly from this spot here.

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