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Portland, ME Hard Rock Outfit The American Classic Release Infectious New Single "Damned"

Based out of Portland, ME comes the indelible hard rock vibe of The American Classic, who have released their latest single just last week titled "Damned". The song has a potent, high energy melodic charge that detonates almost instantaneously, and gives way to a tune that you won't be able to get out of your head and will be playing on repeat multiple times over as a result. The band consists of Kenney, Luke, Joey, and Jake. Joey rejoins the band as lead singer, and has breathed new life into the group as a result. I actually worked at the same company as Luke many years ago, but we never interacted in person until I reached out last year, and interviewed a couple of the members for my podcast as well. I thought the song was infectious and impeccably produced, and shows the tight knit musical chemistry omnipresent throughout. I truly believe in fate, and there is a reason why these four musicians are magnetically drawn to each other with a sole purpose to create a family united and bonded over their undying love for this group. An outstanding track that needs to be heard right now.

You can check out "Damned" out now on a host of digital platforms and for more on The American Classic, please seek them out on Facebook and follow their handsome faces on Instagram as well.

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