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Providence, RI Based St. Joe & The Dorms Release Enchanting Debut EP "Get Real"

Based out of Providence, RI comes the frolicking and entertaining sounds of St. Joe & The Dorms, who released their debut EP to the world last week titled "Get Real". The collection is a smorgasbord of high energy rock that does a great job of highlighting the band's individual talents that when combined together, make the group impossible to ignore and easier to hold closer to your earlobes. The band consists of Jack Downey on vocals and bass, Griffin May on vocals and guitar, and TJ Johnson on drums. I had the opportunity to interview Jack on my podcast last year, and he was an absolute joy to have on and is a huge supporter of my site as well. He has a tremendous dedication to his craft both with this band, and a host of others that he's involved in showing that his fingers are involved in multiple musical pies at the same time. You can clearly tell how much fun he's having playing with his schoolmates whom he met down at Providence College, and all of the guys are clearly married to music and all things associated with it. An immensely entertaining act that are starting to craft their own musical identity and will have a welcome presence on any playlist you create.

You can check out "Get Real" now streaming on all major music streaming services and for more on St. Joe & The Dorms, check out their Instagram feed at this locale here for all up to date info on the group, including upcoming shows and candid concert shots.

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