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South Shore Based Carseat Releases Debut Solo EP "Carnest"

Plymouth, MA based Carseat has released his debut solo EP just a couple of weeks ago titled "Carnest". Carseat is the brainchild of Darcy Milligan, whom you may remember from his other bands Toast and Not Today both of whom were featured here on the site a few years back. The EP is a wonderfully soothing and cathartic effort that allows you to cut deep inside of Darcy's soul, and see the masterful musician that he has become hard at work inviting you into his world. I was enthralled and captivated by his solo foray, and it really painted an introspective snapshot into his world and the sheer beauty that he is surrounded by day after day. There are elements of Toast embedded deep within his own music, but it also contains his own musical fingerprint that allows him to be easily identifiable by those around him who love and appreciate him for who he is as a musician and a person. An outstanding effort that is definitely worthy of repeat listens.

To check out "Carnest" for yourself, it's conveniently located on Bandcamp right here and on all most digital streaming providers. For more on Darcy, see him in living color on his Instagram feed right over here.

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