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Top Songs of 2022

Rounding out my year end music roundup with a look back at my list of the top songs of 2022. For the 2nd time in 3 years, Pretoria nabs the top spot on the year-end list with their new track "Certainly". They also took the top spot on the 2020 year-end roundup with "Skinny Dip", and have been a constant presence on the site with their stunning and beautiful indie-rock rhythms that are starting to build an audience. Benicio Bryant comes in at #3 for the year with "Feels Like" and has 3 songs in this year's Top 20, showcasing his booming voice and his inescapable, melodic charm. British indie-dance rockers Delights come in at #4 this year with the earworm infused hooks of "Tender" that put the group on the musical radar, and signaled their arrival here in the States. This year-end list is one of the most balanced and diverse ever, and is one that I'm extremely proud of. Without further ado, here is my list of the top songs of 2022 along with a playlist at the bottom that you can stream all the songs directly on Apple Music:

  1. Pretoria - Certainly

  2. Shawn Mendes - When You're Gone

  3. Benicio Bryant - Feels Like

  4. Delights - Tender

  5. Henry McIntyre - Starting Over

  6. Backset - Forever Laughing

  7. Boston Manor - Foxglove

  8. Jordan Rowe - 10-4

  9. Dashawn Jordan - WYGDBI

  10. The Mars Volta - Blacklight Shine

  11. Jordan Rowe - 5:00 In The Country

  12. Cassia - Not Enough Time To Think

  13. Joshua Bassett - Doppelganger

  14. Harbour - Bahamas

  15. Harry Styles - Music For A Sushi Restaurant

  16. Harry Styles - As It Was

  17. Benicio Bryant - Who Hurt You?

  18. Benicio Bryant - I Can't Dance To This

  19. Tristan Lake Leabu - Breathe It In

  20. Pretoria - I Blew It

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