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Toronto Based Crash Adams Making Fans Say "Ooh!" On Latest Single

Toronto based musical outfit Crash Adams have released their infectious earworm of a single called "Ooh!". The song is a sugar laden concoction that you will grow to love upon first note, and has that hook that reels you in and has your body spontaneously moving along right from the start. The duo are childhood friends Crash and Adams (hence their moniker), who realized a while back that they have a real knack for crafting catchy hooks, and transposing that into musical form that fans will immediately draw an attraction to. The guys have been featured here on the site before, and they definitely have a musical sweet spot that hits you at exactly the right angle, and makes you appreciate their talent and what they have to offer you each and every time. A marvelous new single that will become lodged inside your cranium for quite some time.

To check out "Ooh!" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming platforms and for more on Crash Adams, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow them on Twitter over here, see their smiling faces on Instagram conveniently at this spot here, and check out their official website right here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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