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Worcester, MA Based Outfit The Prefab Messiahs Release Animated Vid For "Lonely Astronaut"

Photo Credit: Bobb Trimble

From the western part of MA in Worcester comes the dynamic garage rock sounds of The Prefab Messiahs, who released their gloriously animated video just last week for their song "Lonely Astronaut". The video takes us on a rocket ride with a thoughtful and curious chimpanzee that shows the band's creative juices and their ability to make wacky ideas come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the animation strewn about throughout the vid showcasing the rocket's journey into space, and all the thoughts and emotions that the chimp is circulating that really ties in well with the band's razor sharp melodies and top-notch production work that really ties everything up in one succinct package. It's not too often we encounter bands that are able to package together songs and match them to capture the emotions in the music video verbatim that will make the viewer more adept to discover the band's sound. An incredible music video that is worthy of repeat viewing.

You can check out the vid for "Lonely Astronaut directly below:

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