Boston Based Eternals Premiere New Single "Out of Context" From Forthcoming LP

Boston based Americana group Eternals have just released the first taster off their forthcoming LP titled "Out of Context". The song is a pure, undadulterated blend of mellow folk rhythms conjured upon a strong melodic framework that allows each band member to find their own individual identitiy, all while evoking what the class and emotional makeup of the band is all about to a curious listening audience waiting in the wings. I found much to be desired from these guys, and they definitely have a class and embodiment all to themselves that conjures upon emotions and feelings of a local band that has their own music identiity, and a unspoken beauty to their sound that is so simplistic that it

Music & Beard Athlete Special

With Halloween lurking just around the corner and if you're looking for a last minute sports themed outfit, look no further than these inspirations that will give you some ideas as you cobble together the last pieces of your costume. One thing that always seems to be in high demand year after year is beards that is always a conversation starter, and is a real smash hit with the ladies as well. Here is a rundown of some athletes across all the major pro sports leagues that represents an entire cross section of bearded athletes in all their glory, along with some song selections chosen by yours truly that reflects the players' personalities: Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals) Warren Zevon - W

Holiday Oscar - Carousel (Single)

“Carousel” is a single by Holiday Oscar, who elusively hides any personal information except his Twitter page. His artist logo is white lettering on a black background, as is the cover for this single. A few minutes of stalking gleaned the following information: Holiday Oscar is from London, Holiday Oscar is constantly referred to as “mysterious” by various English music blogs, and Holiday Oscar released a “scrummy” cover of The National’s “I Need My Girl” (W/T/G/R). The cover is, in fact, scrummy as shit, as is his new single. “Carousel” is immaculately played and recorded, with precise 3/4 fingerpicking backing up Holiday Oscar’s eerily high, perfectly on-pitch tenor. He’s like the singer

Mystic Pete - BassPop

BassPop is a five-song EP by Mystic Pete. And that’s about as much as I can describe it. First off all, there are discrepancies in his press release – the track listing is different there than on his official Soundcloud – but more importantly, all the instruments, including the “strong female vocals,” are attributed solely to Mystic Pete. If that’s actually him singing the female vocals, he’s fucking amazing. Seriously, he sounds like Joy Williams. Basically, the album blends electronic music with spirituality: Mystic Pete credits the album “Bass + Pop + Kirtan = someone had to do it!!” Kirtan, for those of our readers who are as of yet unenlightened, is traditional Indian call-and-response

Galen James - Big Blue Mixtape

Big Blue Mixtape is a twenty-song compilation album, featuring the best of Galen James’s six years of recorded repertoire. An impressive mixture of pop, jazz, funk, rock, and r&b, the album is a fantastic representation of a talented artist’s entire career to date. The album largely centers on James’s voice, crystal clear and agile. He sings with a huge amount of passion and tastefully riffs when appropriate. Furthermore, many of these songs are live recordings, which flatters James and his band; it’s difficult to tell which songs are live and which aren’t, and all the players perform exceptionally well. Horns, keys, guitars, drums, and pianos back James, and the songs are arranged interesti

Melbourne, Australia's The Outdoor Type Returns With New Single "On My Mind"

Based out of Melbourne, Australia The Outdoor Type is making his return with a brand new single ready for the masses titled "On My Mind". It's the brainchild of Zack Buchanan, who injects his own trademark blend of folk rock into his sound that is reflective of his upbringing in the desert environment of Australia and is also representative of his musical tastes that were instilled within him when he was younger. You may remember the writeup I did on him last year where I remarked that he was his own being, and wasn't trying to eumlate anyone else but himself. That sentiment still reigns true today from Zack, and the evolution of his sound from his prior track definitely reflects that outspo

Molly Brulé - Seasons

Seasons, the debut of Boston-based singer/songwriter Molly Brulé, is an impressive, beautiful four-song EP that makes me, frankly, desperate for a full length album. Before I start, let me just stress that I’ll do my best to not make any cheesy puns about Brulé’s last name. That’d be childish. Her voice is stunning; creamy, with a deliciously crispy surface…wait…fuck. Seriously though, her voice is absolutely gorgeous, with a lovely rich center and a nearly indecipherable rasp at the beginning of phrases that serves the songs extremely well. Seasons is pristinely recorded and mixed. The backing instruments, which variously include acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass, strings, and ambient noi

Local Indie Rockers Aloud Release Remix of "Darkest Days" Geared Towards Marriage Equality

Boston based indie rockers Aloud have just unveiled a remix of their 2010 track "Darkest Days" that was originally included on their album Exile in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. The track seeks to unify people across all social backgrounds and genders that have to deal with the constant scrutiny of being under a microscope of whom they love and having to deal with the stress and anxiety sometimes being associated with the LGBT community today. I found this track to be particularly moving as it really nailed the emotional intensity that started off almost immediately after the track began, and lasted well throughout the duration of the track and gave the song

Radio Compass - Papercuts

Papercuts is the debut album of Salem, MA based trio Radio Compass. Truly original, its twelve songs are evocative, atmospheric, and escape categorization. Radio Compass defines themselves as a “DreamPunk Alt-rock” band. What the fuck is DreamPunk, you ask? That’s what made reviewing this album difficult. I’ve truly never heard music that seems to fit into a genre like this. I wasn’t even sure I liked this album until the third listen. Opening track “Cider and Lime” is immaculately recorded and mixed, but lead vocalist and guitarist Angela Lee’s vocals are indecipherable, swallowed in reverb, and full of mis-stresses. In track #2 she actually takes a break halfway through the word “transpar

Chicago Based The Orwells Set For 11/2 Converse Rubber Track Show @ The SInclair w/ Nice Guys

Chicago based grime rock quintet The Orwells are gearing up to make a presence in the Boston area on 11/2 when they stop by The Sinclair in Cambridge as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks Live tour with local favs Nice Guys opening up for them. The guys have been making all sorts of noise across the country in the last few years, with their previous albums Remember When and Disgraceland recieving high critcal acclaim, and garnered themselves a spot performing on Late Show With David Letterman, and also made an appearance in Entertainment Weekly as well as one of the Top 17 best ever performances on the now defunct late night show. Extremely high praise for a band that has definitely carved a

Ashley - Involuntary Motion

The debut of Northfield, MN based quartet Ashley, Involuntary Motion, is a nine-song beast, swaggering, sexy, and overflowing with energy. The guitar. God, the guitar. Uhhhhhhh I love guitar so much. Ian Tsang’s playing in this album simply screams with decades of musical influence. Clapton, Hendrix, Frusciante, Hammett, and Mustaine all make brief appearances in Tsang’s playing, which carries the album on its shoulders. Largely riff-centric, these songs use Tsang’s virtuosity as a hub, and from the very opening of the first track “Plankton” I was hooked, nodding my head and grinning like an idiot. Lead vocalist Zach Jack solidified the Cream influence in my mind; his voice is airy and light

Dah Rhyl Gah Moor - The Sounds That Prawns Make

The Sounds That Prawns Make is a 5-song EP by London-based Dah Rhyl Gah Moor. The album made me tap my feet, nod my head, and yearn for whenever I’m going to be able to see this band live. Whoever produced, mixed, and mastered this album need desperately to be complimented. I tried listening from my phone, my laptop, from good speakers and bad ones, and never found a deviation from the stellar sound quality. I would not listen to any of these songs for their lyrics. “Blow” is fun, fantastically recorded, and features a, for lack of a better word, badass beat, but the lyrics are trite and uninspired. In “Simba,” they sing about “the audacity of lovers” which in itself is pretty audacious for

Former Berklee Alums Airacuda Premiere New Charity Single "Looking Back And Laughing"

Formerly based from here in Boston but now calling New Jersey their home base, former Berklee alums Airacuda have just premiered their brand new song titled "Looking Back And Laughing". The song made its debut on 95.9 WRAT just last week, and was created exclusively for the NJ based music blog Speak Into My Good Eye and their 24 Hour Challenge where participants had to record a song from start to finish in just under 24 hours. It will be part of a compilation being put out by the blog, and all proceeds from the sale of the compilation will go to the National Alliance On Mental Illness to raise awareness about depresssion and other mental disorders that impact everyone around us in some capac

PREMIERE: Latch Unleash Cover Vid Of "Kicking" by Torche

Proud to bring you an exclusive premiere on MusicBoxPete, as Latch have graciously sent along their cover vid of the song "Kicking" by the band Torche. The glorious video was shot at The Bear's Den recording studio in Attleboro, and it shows the band clearly in their element with each member contributing ferociously to an illustrious and well thought out clip that shows the band's resolve and hard working aptitiude clearly on display for everyone to marvel over. Latch have been featured a couple of times recently on the site, and they definitely have that X factor element attached to them that allows them to jump off the musical page, and into the hearts and minds of everyone around them. A

Homesick Hank - Believe (Single) & Leave It Behind (f/ Bonnie Prince Billy)

This is actually a review of two tracks by Copenhagen-based Homesick Hank: “Believe” and “Leave it Behind (ft. Bonnie “Prince” Billy).” “Believe” is produced immensely well. Every guitar strum is crisp and clear, and Homesick Hank’s voice is wonderfully smoky. The piano is, in a word, creamy: it’s richly recorded and its midrange is incredibly full. The song features Mary Gauthier, who comes in on the second verse and sings in the choruses. To be honest, she does nothing for the verse; she sings in the same range as Homesick Hank and isn’t as in tune. Lyrically, “Believe” isn’t particularly interesting. Every verse starts out with “You don’t know what you’re missing.” I literally mean every

Seas of Mirth - Esmerelda EP

Consisting of three songs of equal raucousness, Seas Of Mirth’s Esmeralda EP is simply brimming with energy, humour, and a skillfully underhanded amount of musicianship. God, I fucking loved this album. I was hooked from the beginning, just looking at the title of “Even a Bull Needs Milking.” Hilarious, unshakably catchy, and so tongue-in-cheek I practically choked, this album immediately reminded me of bands like Larry and His Flask, Gogol Bordello, Foxy Shazam, and The Darkness. Seas of Mirth is a nine-piece band: Allan Gallon, Cannonball Paul, Zorba the Blowfish Absorber, Shitluck Lechuck, Piss-In-The-Wind Mindy, Rear Admiral Arse Beard, Jeremiah Planks-On-Fire, Fingers Mahoney, and Robru

Groton Based Aeronaut Down Release "Oxygen", First Single Off Upcoming EP "Cloudburst

Emanting from the small town of Groton, MA comes the incredbile sounds of Aeronaut Down, who are gearing up for the Nov. 24th release of their brand new EP titled Cloudburst. The guys just released the first single from that said EP titled "Oxygen" and it's just plain hypnotizing to say the least. Frontman Nick Cardone has some of the most beautiful and resilient vocals that I've heard in quite some time, and what I loved most about these guys was their ability to really capture the listeners attention immediately from the first note, and make them feel like they're part of the act right from the get go. It really hit me like a ton of bricks immediately from the first note, and it made me an

The Ghosts of Johnson City - Am I Born To Die?

Am I Born to Die?, the debut of Portland, ME based four-piece The Ghosts of Johnson City, is a 15-song album full of maudlin, fascinating story songs. Beautifully mixed and skillfully performed, the album’s quality is undeniable. The recording process must have been meticulous; every instrument stands out clearly, the vocal harmonies are perfectly in tune, and the lyric-centric vocals are prominent in the mix. Speaking of which, I was highly impressed with the lyrical adventurousness present in this album. Every song progresses well from beginning to end, depicting old wartime heroes, funeral dirges, and other various charmingly antiquated topics. Reminiscent of The Decemberists (see “The Ma

Quincy Punk Natives Bundles Release Two Songs Off Forthcoming Sophomore LP

Based from the South Shore of Quincy, punk rock trio Bundles have released a taster collection of two songs from their forthcoming studio release. The first song "Dead Reckoning" was recorded during their recent Converse Rubber Tracks session in Boston, and the other track, "Prisoner's Dilemma" will be on the new EP as well. The songs originally made their debut on the Mutiny on the Microphone podcast just a couple of weeks ago, and now they're publically available for all to enjoy over on their Soundcloud page conveniently located over here. I'm a virtual newcomer to this band, and definitely found something to appreciate from these guys as they have an inate ability to grasp the listener's

Joy - Shallows

Shallows is a collection of fourteen songs spanning a recording process of seventeen years. These songs are raw and intimate; some are merely a minute long, and many of them were recorded “on tape recorder, cassette 4-track, digital 24-track, cell phone and laptop.” My initial reaction to the album was noticing a sharp resemblance to Nick Drake. Joy’s singer, elusively credited as either “DM” or “MS,” has a breathy earthiness in their voice which matched the stripped-down quality of the songs perfectly. The fingerpicked acoustic guitars, simple vocal melodies, and unusual time signatures (one song is even in 7, which to date I’ve never heard in this kind of music) support this connotation. L

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