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Fierce Bad Rabbit - Living Asleep

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By way of Boston and Fort Collins, CO Fierce Bad Rabbit have unleashed their brand new studio set titled "Living Asleep". The disc is a diverse, linear collection of tunes made within the folk rock genre that really digs deep in terms of musical cohesion and creativity that rises to the surface and is shown prominently for all to bear witness and marvel over.

We start things out with "Let Me Go", a somber, low key ballad that kicks in with a unison of wondorous vocals and delicate instrumentation that takes an organic approach that works so well and shows off the inddividual talents of everyone in the group, proving this to be a true ensemble effort in the making. "Crystal Ball" kicks it up a couple of notches with slightly more uptempo notes and a sharper, residual balance being brought forth that is a testament to the resolve of the band and how they're forging ahead to new creative heights that are just visible in the distance. "Living Asleep" is my favorite track off the effort that is a true band effort with a terrific transition between male and female vocals that acts as a beacon between the two, delivering a musical connection that spills out into the surrounding areas and makes each individual musician better and increase their musical self-esteem in a way.

The second half features "Life", a return to some low-key elements found in the first half that puts the band squarely in their folk comfort zone where they deliver the most residual musical bounty that is slowly starting to become more noticable tenfold. "Dusk Anthem" is a brilliant track that delivers on its earlier promise with wistful vocals and down home instrumentation that leaves no stone unturned and begins to usher in the conclusion of the album just waiting around the corner. "Dreaming of Things to Be" ends it all with a bare bones essence coupled with thoughtful vocal melodies and the instrumental abilities of all parties involved to deliver a quality number that takes in characteristics from all tracks throughout the effort to show the band's true potential being adequately displayed here for all to see.

Looking back, a creative and well executed effort from Fierce Bad Rabbit, a band with local roots in Boston that use their current surroundings in the Rocky Mountains as a strong influence for a authentic and cutting edge blend of folk rock that makes it all a worthwhile listen through and through.

Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

  • Let Me Go

  • Martyr

  • Crystal Ball

  • Living Asleep

  • Do You Want Me Now?

  • Life

  • Dusk Anthem

  • Dreaming of Things To Be

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