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Detroit Based WIlliam Bolton Releases Refreshing "Summer Breeze"


Detroit based soul man William Bolton has released a cooling blend of awesomeness with his new track called "Summer Breeze". The track has a slew of upbeat melodie that makes you yearn for the summer that just recently passed us by, and helps us look forward to what's ahead with colorfully placed instrumentation and William's intriguing and diverse vocal stylings making him a real standout amongst all the newcomers making it out there today. I found something very comforting while listening to his music, and saw a natural progression from the beginning to the end where he was able to inject his own personality into his music that makes newcomers want to stay a bit longer to see what else he has up his sleeve.

To take a listen to "Summer Breeze", it's available for listening enjoyment on his Soundcloud page right here, and please visit his official Facebook site here and his official website over here for more in depth information regarding William.

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