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Boston's Eclypse Drop Self Titled Debut EP


Boston based newcomers Eclypse have just unfurled their self-titled debut EP. The effort is spearheaded by the leadoff track "Hello California" that evokes a feeling of classic rock nostaglia with elemnts of The Eagles and CCR thrown in for good measure that gives them a level of authenticity and makes you yearn for the sounds of yesteryear that much more with the band's individual and unique talents put eloquently on display here. I was pleasantly surprised by these guys, and the way that they injected some retro sounding melodies into their music that was real and belivabale and didn't make it seem like that they were just trying to do a cheap knockoff. These guys have a true, wholesome image and are ready to entice audiences with their cultivated sound ready to open some eyes and ears.

For more info on Eclypse, give them a 'Like' on their Facebook page here where you can also download some free MP3's from the band as well. The guys can also be followed on Twitter as well from right over here.

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