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Arms and Ears, Night Lights, The Color and Sound, & As The Sparrow Headline Stacked Lineup For S

A massive local show will be taking place this Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe that you'll want to pay special attention to. Local acts Arms and Ears, Night Lights, The Color and Sound, plus As The Sparrow highlight a packed lineup for this show sponsored by the fine folks over at Radio 92.9. Spearheaded by the Local 92.9 branch which focuses on the local scene, this show represents a whole smorgasboard of everything that is current and making huge dents in the local music scene right now as we speak. Seeing as I've featured 3 out of the 4 acts featured on this bill here on the site, I can definitely attest to the immense talent and creativity that just explodes when they perform on stage, and it will also give the opportunity for some concertgoers to get exposed to local acts that they might not know too much about.

The show gets underway this Friday at 8pm over at Hard Rock Cafe near Faneuil Hall, it's 21+ and tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. For more info about the show, head on over to Local 92.9's website right over here.

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