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Austin, TX Based Sounds del Mar Release Debut Album "Miami Vice'n"

Austin, TX based indie rockers Sounds del Mar have just released their debut album "Miami Vice'n". The album is a deep, melodic affair with indelible rhythms and hooks that are designed to reel you in with indelible earworms that will get lodged inside your head for quite some time. I was enthralled when I first heard these guys, and it was quite easy to fall head over heels with their music that represents their hard working aesthetic that they displayed when they were crafting these songs in the studio. You'll definitely find something very enjoyable and jovial from these guys after hearing them for the first time.

To take a listen to Sounds del Mar, their music can be found on their Soundcloud page right over here, and for more info on the guys you can 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow them on Twitter right here.

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