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Ryan Jennings - Jennings Dynamite EP

Burgeoning local singer-songwriter Ryan Jennings has made his debut as a solo artist with his EP "Jennings Dynamite". You may also remember Ryan from his previous outfit Red Star Super Giant, well now he's stepping out on his own with a riveting and honest collection of folk based tunes that will allow you to see Ryan in a much different light than ever before, and you'll gain even more respect for him after you've finished hearing it.

We start things out with "Little Miss Wonderful", a terrific and well connected tune with Ryan's vocals immediately waking you to life and bringing everything into fresh perspective right away. The guitar melodies work well with the overall sound that Ryan aimed to establish while entering the studio to record this effort, and his resolve and ingenunity are eloquently put on display for all to marvel over. "Don't Fade On Me" is my favorie track off the album that perfectly exemplifies Ryan's artistic vision and integrity with hauntingly beautiful vocals and an achingly honest portrayal of a musician who is finding his own voice to articualte effectively with his listening audience who will definitely grasp onto his every word that he has to say here, a remarkable track all around. "Rain Coats For Mary" has a weathered, old school feel to it with Ryan's echoing vocals in the background that give the song an almost nostaglic feel that transplants the listener back as we experience the world as we see it through Ryan's eyes and ears. "Never Coming Back Again" closes out the effort wih an amazing acoustic guitar set that meshes together nicely with Ryan's refined vocal powers giving the effort a great finishing touch, and allows everything to close out right on queue and to the point. Ryan is an amazingly talented musician, and I've had the pleasure of seeing him in action many times playing with his old band, and seeing him step out on his own as a solo musician is like a tidal wave of fresh air that you almost can't believe what was building up inside of him all this time. To see the transformation he has undergone is a total reinvention and has made him into an even better musician than before.

To wrap it up, an amazing effort from Ryan Jennings, a Boston native that you'll definitely want to check out in concert to gain the full experience and intensity of his musicality that is equal parts awe inspiring and breathtaking. A must hear album for any and all music fans looking for a fresh perspective on life these days. Highly recommended!

Score: 4.5/5

Track Listing:

- Little Miss Wonderful

- Don't Fade On Me

- Rain Coats For Mary

- Never Coming Back Again

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