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CT's Mission Transmission Getting Ready To Rock Out @ Copperfield's Tonight

Connecticut based pop-punk outfit Mission Transmission will be spending some time near the friendly confines of Fenway tonight when they play a show right near the Green Monster at Copperfield's. The guys have an explosively melodic pop-punk sound that will definitely arouse your musical senses, and coupled with the guys lavish stage presence filled with lights and smoke machines, these guys pull out all the stops and leave no stone unturned. I saw these guys in action last year at PA's Lounge, and I was completely enthralled with their set that really encapsulates the essence of what a great pop-punk show is all about. With a couple of covers thrown in of Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" and The Starting Line's "The Best of Me", I fell in love with these guys immediately, and they are some of the coolest guys around. Chatting with guitarist Michael Morin after the show, I developed a huge band crush for everything these guys do and who they are as musicians and regular people as well.

The show at Copperfield's tonight will get underway tonight at 8pm with the music commencing a little bit afterwards. For more info on Mission Transmission, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow the fellas on Twitter over here.

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