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Boston Newbies Able Days Release Hypnotic New Single "Tall"

Fresh on the music scene, local guys Able Days have just premiered their brand new single on Bandcamp just yesterday titled "Tall". The song has a somber, melancholy feel with varied instrumentation, jaw dropping keyboard interludes, and a slight indie progression that makes these guys an intriguing listen, and one that that will pique your insatiable curiosity about them. I was floored when I first heard Able Days, largely because I didn't know anything about them and they've only be around for a few months. Hearing these guys work their magic on these sonic wavelengths really makes me appreciate what they do that much more, and definitely shines a light on a band that most people don't even know about just yet, but they definitely will in due time as they have a raw, homegrown approach that allows each member to showcase their inate talent, and their unbridled love and passion for just being together and making music that is reflective of who they are as both musicians and regular people.

To check out "Tall" for yourself, it's available for streaming and download on their Bandcamp site right over here, and for more on Able Days, give them a well deserved 'Like' on their Facebook page at this junction here.

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