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Today Junior Sign With Flesh Records

Allston's pride and joy Today Junior made a huge announcement yesterday with their signing to Flesh Records! This is a huge and groundbreaking accomplishment for the band who have been a constant presence here on the site since 2012. The guys released their most recent album, "Ride The Surf" that transformed them into an psychdelia influenced, indie rock dream that skyrocketed them to many "Best Of" year end lists (including from yours truly), and have made them a must see local act to keep a watchful eye on. I'm so glad I stumbled across them accidentally back in 2012 at Copperfield's, where I was originally going to see Mojo Kick but they had cancelled and came across these two studs who had performed a brilliant cover of The Strokes "Reptilia" and I was immediately hooked on them from the get go. Mike couldn't have been more nicer as he stopped to talk to me for a good while after the show, and I immediately became great friends and musical bretheren with both him and Harry, and the rest as they say is history!

For all the latest on Today Junior, 'Like' them on Facebook here and visit their official homepage at this spot over here.

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