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South Africa's Diamond Thug Release Latest Single "Long Way"

Photo Credit: Kealan Shilling

Emanating from Cape Town, South Africa, Diamond Thug have emerged with their brand new single titled "Long Way". Recorded right here in Boston at Converse Rubber Tracks, the song has an ethereal, dreamlike quality to it with deep, punctuating rhythms and Chantal's breathy and hypnotic vocal presence contributing to an otherworldly listening experience like no other. I got the opportunity to interview these guys when they visited Boston back in September, and they were some of the most down to earth and friendliest bunch of people I've come across. They had an insatiable curiosity about the city and I was able to recommend a few spots for them to check out to make their visit worthwhile. These guys are the perfect representatives for Sotuh Africa, and I'm so glad that Boston had some effect on them and helped to hone out their sound as well.

To check out "Long Way" for yourself, it's avaialble for download on iTunes right over here.

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