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Boston Newbies Rival Island Release Cover Vid of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky"

Fairly recent additions to the scene, Rival Island have just unearthed their cover vid of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky". The video features a man in a bunny costume galvanting around driving a car, living the life of a normal human being that can be interpreted in a vast number of ways. Members Tommy Flynn and Joe Lamonica make an appearance in the clip, performing their unique blend of garage rock that has no defined classification, and that is just how the boys like it as their sound is reared from their own direct musical influences, and leads to an all around enjoyable clip that warmly introduces you to their vibe. You may remember Tommy from his other musical project Red Star Super Giant that was covered here on the site a few years ago, and he is starting to carve a name out of himself musically that will increase their name recognition within the local music scene and become part of that lexicon of acts that are giving the local scene here a major boost.

For more on Rival Island, 'Like' them on Facebook at this spot conveniently located right over here, and check out their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info regarding the band.

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