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Check Out Today Junior's Smashing Brand New Single "Blunt Breath"

Today Junior are pleased to bring to you their brand new single titled "Blunt Breath", released exclusively on their Bandcamp page this weekend. The new track continues the odyssey of brothers Mike and Harry O'Toole as they continue to evolve musically, and mature beyond their years as musicians as well. The new track speaks of a burgeoning creative resolve that was established on last year's stunning "Ride The Surf" LP that cemented their status as one of Boston's fastest rising indie acts. The new track is equal parts raw, powerful, unnerving, and speaks to the growing diversity of the band's sound, with frontman Harry emerging as a Hendrix like character with his flowing red hair and impeccable guitar skills that put him front and center of all the madness abound. Mike is a frenetic madman on the drums and just absolutely slays it with his flowing beard and bank robber styled bandana becoming one of the band's hallmarks, and speaks to mind about the band's essence and character, and newcomer Dennis Nefedov does an admirable job on the bass and you can see why this band is the embodiment and class of everything that is true about the Boston music scene.

Check out "Blunt Breath" for yourself over on their Bandcamp site right here, and for more on Today Junior, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter as well at this perch here.

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