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Nashville Based Jake Etheridge Lays It All On The Line With Brand New Track "To Me"

Originally from South Carolina but now calling Nashville home, Jake Etheridge has landed on the scene with his brand new track titled "To Me". Jake has a simply structured, melodic sound with poignant acoustic melodies coupled with his amazing voice that really brings about a bevy of emotion and clarity to the musical table right away. He definitely has that charm and charisma that is most evident in singer songwriters today with the ability to make the audience member the subject of the song, and have that one on one conversation that makes the track all the more special. Jake really seems to have a passion and a clear path laid out for him in terms of where his music is headed moving forward, and I'm clearly on board with his effervescent vibe and high energy musicality that has all sorts of potential for him moving forward. Jake is definitely recommended if you're looking for a new fix in the singer songwriter arena.

To take a listen to "To Me", it's available on his Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Jake Etheridge please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and check out his official homepage for more in depth info at this locale here.

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