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Cali Based Music Wizards Blade of Grass Release Brand New LP "Eyes Like Diamonds"

From El Sereno, CA right near L.A. comes the space rock infused sounds of Blade of Grass, who just dropped their brand new EP last week called "Eyes Like Diamonds". The duo of Josh and Mike are crafting some silky smooth tunes with a bevy of electronically guided musical charges and a strong musical syncopation to keep you occupied all the way throughout. The guys were featured on the site last year, and I made note that the band had something special instilled deep within themselves that came out so poetic and peaceful that you really were jaw dropped all the way through at how amazing their music was. The guys seem to be super social beings who love all things coffee and Dodger Blue that has made those two things part of their daily routine, and they bring that shared heritage and pride within their music that brings about a West Coast electronic space age dreamland. An impressive duo that has a lot going for them in the year to come.

For more on Blade of Grass, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out "Eyes Like Diamonds" on their Soundcloud page conveniently located right here.

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