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Uppsala, Sweden's look, orion Get Ready To Impress On New EP "Stages" Out 9/7

Based from Uppsala, Sweden comes the pleasant and intriguing sounds of look, orion who are gearing to release their brand new EP titled "Stages" that will see the light of day on Sept. 7. The band is a wondrous, highly creative group that meld together the worlds of indie, post, and math rock into one highly textured and pleasant sounding environment that will enthrall you and pull you into the band's collective consciousness. There's something about this band that I gravitated towards almost immediately after first hearing them, and it was simply their work ethic and their ability to meld together different musical influences along with their charming Swedish personas that had me enthused from the get go. I've featured many bands from Sweden in the past, but this one looks to be the most promising and rewarding out of the bunch, and there's no doubt that many other people will latch onto the band's creative resolve in due time.

For more on look, orion please give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook at this junction here, and keep a lookout for their new EP "Stages" along with some of their other music on Bandcamp right over here, and also check out their tunes on their homeland based Spotify conveniently perched here.

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