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Dublin Based Not Monsters Predict How The Election Will Shape Up In "Sharpshooter" Music V

Dublin, Ireland based Not Monsters have just released their Election inspired music video for the song "Sharpshooter". The cleverly shot clip takes place on a beach with a man dressed as Donald Trump wearing a mask, who is verbally accosted by all those he's publicly shamed in the media, leading to an all out brawl on the beach with someone dressed as Hillary Clinton that provides for a hilarious yet historically accurate clip as you plan to head out to the polls later on today. I thought this was a great video, and it really touched upon the Election in a hilarious and entertaining way. With all of the verbal mudslinging and our choice of two of the most unlikable presidential candidates in recent memory, this vid provides some insight and humor into our election and our thought process as we make our decision as to who to vote for as our new Commander-in-Chief. A great clip that melds together the worlds of music and political satire into one entertaining clip. Do your civic obligation and get out there and vote today people!

For more on Not Monsters, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over at this spot here, and check out their official homepage for more in depth info concerning them at this locale here.

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