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Boston Indie-Alt Rockers Mister Vertigo Release Stunning New Single "No Myth"

Boston based indie-alt collective Mister Vertigo have just released their new single "No Myth". The track is actually a cover of the Michael Penn track, and it's incredible to hear the band's interpolation and spin on the track that shoots straight into the stratosphere the moment you begin listening to them. I've listened to these guys sporadically over the years, and they continue to impress me each and every time with their creative ingenue and constant need to evolve and grow beyond their comfort zone, which is an essential component for any musical act to master during their time together. Hearing them do this cover shows the band's creative output and ability to mix things up and show their willingness to try new avenues that they probably wouldn't have done a few years ago, but felt it was necessary to maintain their creative drive and edge. A deeply impressive live act that is starting to prove its mettle around town.

To hear "No Myth" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp right here and for more on Mister Vertigo, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter from this locale right here.

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