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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Katie Dobbins Releases New Single "Stitch By Stitch"

Photo Credit: Kris Dobbins Photography

Boston based singer songwriter Katie Dobbins has just released her brand new single last Friday titled "Stitch By Stitch". Katie's sound is derived within the folk and country mindset, with a realistic and down home sound that transports you directly into the Nashville sound by way of Boston. Katie evokes the sounds of Carrie Underwood, but with a more modern and gentle approach that really makes you feel the power of her musical warmth right away as she peels off each musical layer one by one. I was more than impressed with Katie's sound for some time now as she has been featured on the site before, and I really found that there was something special with Katie almost immediately, and she has a welcome presence in anyone's musical heart looking for something a little different that warms the soul. An amazing track that is definitely worthy of adding to your playlist.

To check out "Stitch By Stitch" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Soundcloud via this link here, and on a host of digital streaming providers as well. Please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this perch here, and check out her official homepage right here for more in depth info surrounding her.

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