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Norwalk, CT Based Goose Setting Their Sights On Sold Out 10/19 Sonia Show

Norwalk, CT based jam band Goose are gearing up for a big local, sold out show happening next Saturday 10/19 at Sonia. If these guys aren't on your radar yet, you should probably give them a listen as they definitely have a jam band aspect to them, with hints of reggae, blues, and jazz that may cause some involuntary booty shaking on the floor while experiencing them in concert. The group consists of Peter Anspach on guitar, keys, and vocals, Ben Atkind on drums, Rick Mitarotonda on guitar and vocals, and Trevor Weeks on bass. The guys definitely have that party aspect embedded deep within them, and they have such an enjoyable and pleasant way about themselves that will put a guaranteed wide smile on your face, and be thankful that you're surrounded and in the company of such lovely and talented musicians who know how to bring about the best in everyone that they come in contact with in concert. A tremendous act that is worthy of exploring in depth for the first time.

For more info on next Saturday's show and to RSVP and buy tickets, click on the FB event listing here and for more on Goose please give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here, follow them on Twitter over here, see their handsome faces on Instagram at this junction here, and visit their official website located here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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