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Allentown, PA Based Singer-Songwriter Seth Witcher Is "So In Love" On New Single Out Today

Allentown, PA based singer-songwriter Seth Witcher has released his brand new single out today called "So In Love". You'll definitely fall in love with Seth upon first listen as his beautiful, serene voice permeates everything around you, and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease right from the start. I was blown away by Seth's talents when I first discovered him, and he has a charming, beautiful persona to match along his music that makes him so relatable and desiring from a musical perspective. It's not too often we encounter musicians who give us a sense of who we are as people, and Seth accomplishes exactly that in his music by bringing out the best qualities within ourselves, and translating that onto a musical canvas of sorts to give a fresh, bold perspective to everyone about who we are as people. An amazing talent that you'll fall head over heels for in a second.

To check out "So In Love" for yourself, it's available on most streaming providers and for more on Seth Witcher, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow him on Twitter over here, see his beautiful face over on his Instagram feed located here, and visit his official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him, including possible tour dates coming to your area soon.

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