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Boston Indie/Alt Rockers Saturniids Unleash Their Debut LP "Duplicate Tapes"

Boston based indie/alt-rock collective Saturniids have announced their arrival to the world with the release of their debut album last week titled "Duplicate Tapes". The band consists of Adam Preston Cissell on vocals and guitar, Mary Lee Desmond on vocals and keyboard, Marc Valois on guitar, Mike Blasi on bass, and Corey Dobson on drums and percussion. The band's sound hearkens back to the early 90's with hints of Pavement and Elliott Smith thrown in for good measure. The band does a great job of modernizing those said influences, and juxtaposing them on a musical canvas that is really easy for listeners to firmly grasp onto and give them some sense of hope and purpose in the world. I had the opportunity and privilege of hanging out with them recently at Dead Moon Audio studios in Somerville where the album was recorded, and did an interview with them that will air on my podcast next month. I was genuinely impressed with their sound and how the band members conducted themselves and interacted with each other when playing and rehearsing with one another. It was a thrill to be a fly on the wall during their studio session, and they definitely have a strong presence about them that will serve them well in the future. A band to keep a watchful eye on moving forward.

To check out "Duplicate Tapes" for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp at this link here and on all major streaming carriers as well. For more on Saturniids, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, follow them on Twitter over here, see their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website at this perch here for all the latest up to date info concerning them.

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