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Boston's Own The Jacklights Takes You Back To The 90's on New EP "Drift"

Photo Credit: The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Boston based melodic punk outfit The Jacklights released their brand new EP just last week titled "Drift". The effort hearkens back to some early 90's era nostalgia with a female fronted aesthetic bearing some similarities to No Doubt with a sound that is entirely of their own creation. The group consists of Nilagia McCoy on guitar and lead vocals, Michael Allen on bass, and Steve Patton on drums. I was really impressed with the band's sound right from the start, and their no frills attitude that went straight to the musical point and wasn't hiding behind anything through their music. What you hear from them is straight up, raw emotion coupled upon a wondrous array of punk infused melodies that will have you moving along at ease, and comfortable with all the musical sights and sounds that you'll come into contact with. This group definitely has the staying power and all the talent necessary to make a big dent in the Boston music scene, and become a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

You can check out "Drift" over on their Bandcamp page right here: and on all major streaming platforms as well. For more info on The Jacklights, please visit their official website over here: where you can also find links to their Facebook and Instagram feed also.

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