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Submission Window Now Open For MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Summer" Shirtless Photo Special

With Memorial Day weekend officially here, it means only one thing: the return of MusicBoxPete's annual "Bands of Summer" shirtless photo special! A time honored tradition on the site, this year is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary since first becoming a regular feature on the site back in 2014. There will be a proper celebration later on in the summer and a look back at some of my favorite submissions over the years, but in the meantime for this year's rounddown the submission rules are the same as always. Here they are:

- For bands, the pic must contain one or all members of the group appearing shirtless, whichever they feel comfortable with.

- Pics must show visible nudity below the shoulders, no headshots or selfies please!

- Artists are encouraged to be creative and find wacky elements when it comes to showing off nudity for the camera, make it creative!

There will be two editions as always, one on 4th of July weekend and the other occurring on Labor Day weekend. For general questions and to submit your photos, please send them to: No submissions will be accepted via Facebook or Instagram message. It's a great way for the artist to grow out of their comfort zone, and show off a different side of their personalities for their fans that will make them appreciate the artist that much more. So what are you waiting for? Get those submissions in today and join the fun!

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