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Kristen Ford Band Unveils "El Camino" Video

Boston's own Kristen Ford Band has just put out her new music video for the song "El Camino" from her forthcoming album Dinosaur, which will be released on May 24. The clip is a subtle, well shot visual opus that sees Kristen performing outside in a nighttime shot with a colorful array of imagery to go along with the music that when combined, gives it a strong visual accompaniment and a voice that gives you the ability to see all the musical shapes morph right before you. I was intrigued by the vid and how simple and straightforward it was, and it didn't feel the need to doing anything too extravagant or overproduced that would have otherwise distorted the mainframe of the clip.

For more info on Kristen Ford Band, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter over here.

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