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The Feed Stream Latest Single "Rexy"

St. Louis, MO based The Feed have just made available to stream their latest single titled "Rexy". The song has a distorted, lo-fi garage rock sound similar to that of The Strokes and Spoon with their own unique twist put on for good measure. I had an enjoyable time listening to these guys, and appreciated that they had something different to bring to the table and weren't like the cavalcade of copycat acts coming up in the scene these days who all sound so similar to one another that they get lost in the shuffle, but these guys have that slight melodic edge to them that leaves them right at the top of the pile and makes them a longer lasting act in the process as well.

To listen to "Rexy" for yourself, head on over to their Soundcloud site located over here and find the vibe they're emitting to their audience. For more info on The Feed, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow them on Twitter right here.

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