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Animal Years Stream New Album "Sun Will Rise"

Brooklyn's own Animal Years have released their brand new album just today called "Sun Will Rise". The 13 track album from the indie rock upstarts contains elements of indie rock with their influences ranging from Kings of Leon to My Morning Jacket to give a full broad spectrum representations of where they are musically and how those influences have shaped them to the men they've become and the deep appreciation for music it has enstilled in them as well. I knew very little about these guys, and really understood their musical intentions upon first listen and how it translates to the ears of ordinary music listeners who will definitely be attracted to the musical vibes they're transmitting to a receptive and caring listening audience. Here is the track listing for the album:

  • Meet Me

  • Heart on Heart

  • Rapture

  • Let Go of Your Head

  • Sun Will Rise

  • Forget What They're Telling You

  • Poor Boy

  • Worried Mind

  • Walking Slow

  • Leah (B-Side)

  • Fear of Falling (B-Side)

  • Got Nowhere To Go (B-Side)

  • Heartbeat (B-Side)

The album is now available for purchase on iTunes here, Amazon MP3 over here, and on Spotify as well right here. For more info on Animal Years, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow on Twitter here.

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