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Hanguns Offer Up Preview of New Album With "Sleep Deprived"

Baltimore based Handguns are offering up to fans a taste of their upcoming album Life Lessons with the song "Sleep Deprived". The band released a lyric video for it just a few days ago that gives devoted listeners an idea of what to expect on the new album and songs to sing along to as well when their show rolls through town. I'm a recent newcomer to the Handguns fold, and I must tell you that it's some of the most honest and refreshing blend of pop-punk that I've heard in recent memory that speaks to mind about the volume of intensity that the guys project on stage day in and day out, and the talent of everyone in the band is unquestionable at this point especially with the talents of guitarist/vocalist Kyle Vaught who deserves a honorable mention for all his contributions to the band and should never go unnoticed with his drive and enthusiasm fueling his group to success each and every day.

To check out "Sleep Deprived" for yourself, click on the official pre-order page for the new album over here to see the vid and for different pre-order packages to choose from as well. Keep an eye out for Life Lessons which will be in stores on July 8, and for more info on Handguns, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter right here.

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