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Sugar Bomb Announce Name Change to 'Manic Pixi', Release New Single "Blue Wine"

The Brooklyn based band formerly known as Sugar Bomb announced at their concert last night in the aforementioned borough that they will be changing their name effective immediately to Manic Pixi. Also coming along with the name change is the release of a brand new song to go along with it titled "Blue Wine". The song is a refreshing, intricate musical number with an original sound that is reminiscent of groups such as Paramore, but with their own musical identity embedded within the texture that is a fresh start for the group and allows them to keep their heads focused on what's laying ahead down the road. I've covered the group previously on the site in their former incarnation, and they have an immense musical skill set that serves them well moving forward and makes me appreciate them that much more just for being themselves, which is all they want to be.

To check out "Blue Wine" for yourself, cruise on over to their Soundcloud page over here to see what their new sound is like. For more info on Manic Pixi, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here and follow them on Twitter at this location here.

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