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Vote For The UK's The Bottom Line To Get A Record Deal With Sony Music


South Coast, England's own The Bottom Line have been entered into a contest that offers the ultimate prize sought after by any upstart band, a record deal with Sony Music! The band have been working on their new album for some time now, and them winning this contest would solidify their move to the big time and show the love and adoration of their fans that have helped them move into directions that they've never thought they would head in. I've been obsessed with these guys for some time, and it would mean the world to me if you'd cast a vote for them like I already did as they're supremely talented lads with a boatload of talent that is yearning to be shared with everyone!

To cast your vote for The Bottom Line, head on over to Talent House's website here to make your voice heard through Facebook and Twitter. The band is currently in second place right now, so the guys need any votes that they can get to send them over the top.

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