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Music Commons Launch Party Set for 8/23 @ Church

MC Launch Party Flyer.jpg

The Boston based music start up Music Commons will be holding a special launch party coming up on August 23rd @ Church, located on Kilmarnock St. just steps down the street from Fenway Park. Music Commons is an online based startup company dedicated to providing a crowdfunding mechanism designed to fund the careers of independent artists looking to gain a footing in the local scene. Think of it as a Kickstarter for musicians, where indie artists are received money through monthly sponsorships, and those people who donate money will be rewarded with exclusive musical contact and other additional perks brought forth by the musician that sweetens the pot substantially. I've never seen this method applied to music specifically, and to me it's a no-brainer to have a funding resource for musicians who usually rely along the income of menial, day-jobs that can only provide so much but doesn't provide the long term financial sustainability that all upstart musicians strive to achieve.

To find out more about Music Commons and what they do, visit their official website here and if you wish to purchase advance tickets for the launch party, head on over to this link over here. The company can also be followed on Facebook here and Twitter right here.

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