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Brooklyn's Ghastly City Sleep Releases Dark Edged "White Owls"


(photo courtesy of: Ebru Yildiz)

Brooklyn based indie rockers Ghastly City Sleep have just unveiled their latest musical creation titled "White Owls". The clip has a dark edged tone to it that is intriguing and mystifying at the same time, showing off the band's musical aesthetic to a curious listening audience who will find comfort in the band's quiet guitar riffs and ominous melodic sounds hearkening about that will definitely place the band in a category all by themselves that also gives the guys some notice and clout among all the other acts looking to make a dent in the scene today.

To take a listen to "White Owls", head on over to their Soundcloud page located right here and for more info on Ghastly City Sleep, 'Like' them on Facebook here and visit their official website over here.

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