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Artist Spotlight: The Dirty Jacks


Today's Artist Spotlight comes to us from Rockville, MD just outside where the AL East champs Baltimore Orioles reside, and it's also home to the smooth sounds of The Dirty Jacks! The band consists of Colin on lead vocals, Billy on guitar, Bobby on bass and vocals, Erik on drums, and Ian on keyboard and vocals. The band have an intriguing, expansive prog-rock sound that is impossible to pin down in terms of influences from other artists, but they bring alot to the table and have a strong musical mindset that comes through strong when the songs are played at high volume. I enjoyed how these guys fed off each other and stayed on the same page musically, something that is difficult for any upstart band to accomplish but they act like they've been doing this for years with their high skill set ensuring that these songs are of the highest quality when they come out. A terrific on the rise act worthy of a listen. Check out their latest track titled "From The Ashes To Attack".

For more info on The Dirty Jacks, you can 'Like' them on Facebook over here to get a better sense of what the guys are like upfront. You can follow them on Twitter as well over here and find out when the guys will be stopping by town for a concert appearance. Visit their official website here for more in depth information concerning the band, and check out "From The Ashes To Attack" on their Soundcloud site conveniently located right here.

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