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Soul Track Mind - Unbreakable


Austin, TX based R&B fusion group Soul Track Mind have unleashed their latest musical collection called "Unbreakable". The disc is a diverse, entertaining colleciton of tunes designed tog et you out of your seat and moving along to the groove laden beats that can be found on every corner of this album.

We start things out with "Ode to Youth", a dynamic, explosive offering that takes matters into account here with strong instrumentation and a liquid like dynamic that when combined with everything else at hand, creates a smooth finish that goes down smoothly when heard in full. "Foolin' Around" is my favorite track off the disc that is more toned down that the other works featured here, but represents a deep cut that gives the listener an opportunity to explore other facets of their musical personality that are on wondrous display here for everyone to marvel over and start a conversation around about what they just heard. "Silhouette" is a dreamy, mellow tune with breezy instrumentation and well placed vocals that act like a cool breeze of sorts, echoing in thoughts of passion and calmness that settile in almost instantly as soon as you begin hearing the track.

The second half features "Something to Work With", a track that picks up the pace from the last couple of tracks we've heard, and returns us to the upbeat, dance driven melodies that were omnipresent in the first half and gets the blood pumping with the brass section adding a nice touch to the song. "Remember Me" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with an intricate piano melody that is decidedly different than the other songs from the album, but works particularly well in that it sets up the conclusion of the album succinctly and on point. The disc ends on "Unbreakable", a mid tempo track that takes in some elements from other songs heard earlier on in the collection, and sends us off with a dance laden track that you can't help to dance to and let all those emotions that have been billowing in one full, collective release.

In summary, a well executed effort from Soul Track Mind, a band that have mastered the timeless art of injecting R&B soul fusion into a form of rock that is undeniably catchy and movement driven that you can't help but surrender yourself to the power of dance and all the enjoyment that it provides.

Album Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • Ode to Youth

  • Fight For Love

  • Foolin' Around

  • Silhouette

  • Something To Work With

  • Turn It Up

  • Remember Me

  • Unbreakable

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